About Dr. Namrata

My name is Dr. Namrata and I am a qualified professional Homeopath from India. I have 15 years of experience in consultation. Additionally, I am a qualified Nutritionist and Yoga Consultant. I use a holistic approach by combining Homeopathic treatment with both, nutrition advice and yoga counseling if required.

I treat patients with all types of chronic diseases. However, I have more interest in the treatment of allergies, skin, and hair problems, weight management, and child health issues.

Since many years, I have been treating patients online and offline. During this pandemic, more patients prefer to take online consultation, which is very effective and convenient way of consultation.

About Homeopathy-

  • Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide.
  • Homeopathy treats both acute and chronic conditions.
  • It is a non-toxic form of medicine that sparks our inborn capacity for healing ourselves.
  • It is suitable for adults, old age people, children pregnant and breastfeeding women too.

Advantages of Online Homeopathic Consultation – 

  1. You can consult me, if you need to, even when you are on holiday.
  2. You can have a call in the privacy and comfort of your own home or office.
  3. You can choose me as your homeopath even you move to another city or country.
  4. You can meet me even before/after regular office hours.
  5. If you are simply too busy to visit the clinic, online consultation is the best option ever

What my Patients say about me –

Surabhi Chaturvedi

The treatment is really good. Unlike other treatments, this treatment worked very well and the results were satisfactory. The fee and charges of the treatment is also reasonable.

Vibhutu Raizada

Within a short span of time I have seen a noticeable change in my skin and symptoms. Dr. Namrata adopts a holistic approach and focuses on the food and lifestyle as well.

Ranjana Ingle

Friendly atmosphere,professional treatment.honey glycerine soap is truly wonderful .Thanks Meghana Mam

Kiran Panjalkar

I have been visiting Dr Namrata since 2016 for numerous problems... She is a very good doctor. I can see immunity of my son has increased now...

Sanika Pande -Joshi

Doctors are really good and explain everything nicely. Provided answer to all our questions. The entire staff is good and polite.

Aayushree Wagh

Visited for Sports nutrition.Doctors are really good and explain everything nicely. Provided answer to all our questions. The entire staff is good and polite My daughter is loving it.

Abhishek Kumar

Visited for Obesity Treatment.Very nice nutritionist and very effective plan given by her,no fancy plan suggested.

Swapnil Bhagwan

Visited for pigmented skin.weight loss counselling.Doctor gives proper time to patient and listen carefully,also explains all medical terms in simple way.Entire staff is friendly and professional

Pavan Dhote

We consulted Dr. Namrata for my skin problem and within a month my condition improved. At present, online consultation is convenient and effective. Thank you, Dr. Namrata.

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