A process by which dead skin cells are removed to improve the skin texture and appearance.
Helps removing dead skin
Removes skin tan
Improves tone and texture of the skin
Gives younger look to skin
Increase local blood circulation and lymph flow
Increases immunity and relaxation

Exfoliation should not be used on clients with skin diseases, on open wounds or broken skin, on sunburned or inflamed skin, over sensitive skin or rosacea skin, over varicose veins because using exfoliation products in these circumstances may cause irritation or complicate the skin condition.
Exfoliation products should not be used immediately after chemical peeling waxing or shaving.

There are two basic types of exfoliation:
1) Mechanical exfoliation
Mechanical defoliants rely on the skin being physically rubbed with a mildly abrasive exfoliation product or brush, a loofah or cactus fiber cloth etc.

2) Enzymatic or dissolving exfoliation
The enzyme and dissolving defoliants rely on their biological action rather than simple physical abrasion.
The enzymes used in these treatments dissolve keratin in the skin, removing dead cells.

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