Advanced Machine Cleanups & Facials

Pamper yourself with soothing, holistic tailor made cleanups & facials which help to maintain hydro-oil balance of skin and rejuvenate it.

Therapist will carefully select unique blend of Homeo-based products, Machine to penetrate skin tonics, essential oils to deeply cleanse and nourish your skin.
Dermal Radiance SPA Cleanup
Metallic / Charcoal Purifying     Facial
Whitening & Tightening Facials
Aroma /Wine /Marine Facial
Medicated cleanups for Dry/Oily/ Combination/     Sensitive skin
Multivitamin / Fresh Fruit / Chocolate Facial

Homeo-Face SPA

The face is like a mirror which reflects to the world the inner state of health & well-being. Experience a new trend of Homeo-SPA with advanced massage techniques like Potali, Hot stone & enzymatic radiance exfoliation with finishing mask.
Relaxing Hotstone Or Potali Face SPA
Pulsetila Signature Face SPA
Whitening & Hydrating Thalleso Face SPA
Charcoal Purifuing Face SPA

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