Homeo- Skin Treatments

Normal Skin looks healthy and glowing. But there are other times when skin needs a lot of care, attention & treatment to address your skin concerns like pimple, crust, dull skin, uneven tan, pigmentation. The external & internal, the physical & the mental aspects of the body should be all cared for if we wish to be beautiful. 

The treatments, skin care includes consultation, skin analysis & Homoeopathic skin drops or products, enzyme exfoliations with proper nutrition and diet counselling to enhance skin texture, gives hydration, reduces tan resulting in refreshing, younger and supple skin.

Pimple/ Crust/Acne/Oily skin
Uneven tan/Pimple Dark Spots
Dry & Dull Skin/ Skin Rejuvenation
Under Arms/ Under eye dark circle
Boils/Dark spots on back
Hair Treatments

The State of your hair is determined by your fitness and health condition. A balanced diet, adequate sleep and rest will surely lead to healthy hair. Excessive sweating, hair-chemical treatments , Hot irons & curls and too many hair washes with harsh shampoos & blow dry can make hair unhealthy and dry. A dry scalp is more easily prone to flakiness resulting in dandruff. In such cases Homeopathic hair treatment with scalp toner, moisturizer, anti-dandruff powder with radio frequency machine to stimulate cell growth can help protect hair and take care of dandruff too.
Hair treatment and hair care includes complimentary scalp analysis, homeo- medicines and drops with proper diet and nutrition counselling, helps boosting hair growth while treating existing hair problem.

Hair Fall
Hair Growth Boosting
Early Greying Of Hair
Dry/Dull Hair
Cracked Sole Treatment

Heel peel for cracked sole
Nail & sole treatment for cracks
Massage & Moisturizes with Kokum Butter